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BIOSONDA is a private Biotechnology Company founded in 1992 by Chilean entrepreneurial scientists.

BIOSONDA has oriented its business along two main lines: the research, development, production and commercialization of hemocyanins for the international markets, and the import, marketing and distribution of a wide range of products and services in Protein Chemistry, Immunology and Molecular Biology for Research and Academic Institutions in Chile.

BIOSONDA’s trade marks include BLUE CARRIER, a top selling carrier protein obtained from the moluskConcholepas concholepasfor the production of antibodies. INMUNOCYANIN® an immunostimulantpreparation,to enhance vaccine protection in commercial animals.


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+1 (305) 433 7058
Biosonda USA · 7215 NW 54 St. Miami, FL 33166 USA Biosonda S.A. Chile · Eduardo Castillo V. 2902, Santiago