in 50% Glycerol
Blue Carrier EDC®
Conjugation Kit
Blue Carrier Protein
Blue Carrier EDC®
Conjugation Kit

Product developed and commercialized by Pierce Biotechnology Inc. Catalog number 77670

A robust, inexpensive alternative to KLH Blue Carrier Protein is a purified preparation of Concholepas concholepashemocyanin (CCH). The large protein exhibits most of the same immunogenic properties as the popular carrier protein, keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH). However, its significantly better solubility provides greater flexibility in immunogen preparation protocols by allowing a broader range of buffer and pH conditions for coupling peptides, proteins and other haptens using classical crosslinkers such as glutaraldehyde, Sulfo-SMCC and EDC.

The Kit contains lyophilized Blue Carrier Protein (in MES buffer), EDC crosslinker, buffers and desalting columns to easily prepare ready-to-use immunogens for injection.

Outstanding properties of Blue Carrier EDC®

Conyugation to peptides and haptens:
High-yield conjugation—each molecule of CCH contains hundreds of primary amines available for coupling haptens via EDC or NHS ester crosslinkers

Solubility and stability:
Superior solubility-increased solubility compared to KLH allows Blue Carrier Protein to be used in a broader range of conjugation protocols to accommodate unusual or poorly soluble haptens

Highly immunogenic-provides essentially the same level of immunogenicity and phylogenetic distance as keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH)

Increasesthe response when incorporated to antigen preparations, superior protection when incorporated to commercial veterinary vaccines.

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EDC conjugation kit


5 x 2mg ki


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